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MIFA’s Something Good in Memphis campaign is designed to celebrate those who make Memphis better, whether it’s the stranger who helps change your flat tire in the rain or a human services pioneer who changes the lives of a hundred poor Memphians. Sometimes people tend to focus on the bad and forget the good, but we see reminders of the good in Memphis every day!


Recognizing someone is quick and easy – just send us an email! Acknowledge friends, neighbors,and colleagues whose daily efforts or remarkable deeds embody the spirit of positive action in our community. Thank you for being a part of the good in Memphis!


The Something Good in Memphis project was created by MIFA in 2009 to advance our vision of uniting the community through service. Our mission is supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs. Our values are to welcome and respect all people, act with integrity, value individual initiative and ability, serve individuals and the community as an act of faith, and balance humanitarian goals with sound business practices. Learn more about MIFA here





the good in memphis

Paragon Bank employees build wheelchair ramp for Fletcher Cleaves

This past Sunday, a group of employees from Paragon National Bank proved that they are truly Something Good in Memphis. They turned out in mass to help make life better for a member of our community. "The following Paragon National Bank employees are Something Good in Memphis because they spent the Sunday before Thanksgiving building a wheelchair ramp for Fletcher Cleaves. Fletcher is a Lambuth University football player from Cordova who was paralyzed in a recent auto accident. The volunteers were led by Alex Thesmar who has been teaching volunteers to build wheelchair ramps for about 10 years with MIFA and Hands on Memphis. Fletcher will be home soon from rehab in Atlanta, and thanks to these volunteers he will be able to come and go from his home with as much independence as possible."

Both of Fletcher’s parents have recently been laid off due to the recession and they have been very grateful for the many ways that people can “do Something Good in Memphis.” If you have ever spoken with LaSandra Cleaves it will be obvious why so many of her former co-workers jumped at the opportunity to help her. Several of LaSandra’s former co-workers from Regions were unable to attend the ramp build, but made donations to cover the cost of the materials for the wheelchair ramp. Nominated by Mary Claire Borys.

Thank you so much to the Paragon National Bank volunteers that worked on the project: Mary Jackson, Wayne Littleton, Josh Miller, Gordin McMurtry, Patricia Robinson, and Alex Thesmar. As well, a special thanks goes out to the other volunteers who have all worked with LaSandra Cleaves in the past; Corinna Cole-Reeder, John Paul Koch, Lisa McMurtry, Marcus Pyland, and Manny Santibanez.

Thank you so much to these donors that supplied the funds to provide the materials for the project: Tina Holloway, Terri Webber, Mary Gilliam, Marcella Smith, Phyllis and Patrick Warren, Shelia and Marcus Plyland, John P. and Mary Margaret Koch, and Lisa and Gordin McMurtry.


 Paragon Bank employees building a wheelchair ramp


Paragon Bank employees are Something Good in Memphis

Posted by Thomas Robinson at 11:20 AM


12/1/2009 at 04:57 PM by Alex Thesmar

I just want to say thank you to the volunteers for building such a great ramp for a great cause. It is really worth it to see people come together as a team and accomplish something they did not think possible in the beginning. I really enjoyed seeing Corinna Cole-Reeder using the nail gun and Patricia Robinson using the miter saw. They embraced the tools which originally intimitated them and I look forward to seeing them at thier next ramp build. All of the volunteers did a great quality job and I know the Cleaves really appreciate it! MIFA deserves a lot of credit for developing the wheel chair ramp program under the guidance of the MIFA Handyman. MIFA and the volunteers have greatly improved the quality of life for a lot of people!!!

12/3/2009 at 10:31 AM by Amanda J. Bynum

I have lived my life in Memphis and when confronted with negative comments about Memphis I alway reply with something good about Memphis. This is a Something Good that I can add to the long list of many good things Memphians do. I pray and ask Gods blessings for the overflow of love and care shown towards this family.

2/14/2010 at 06:30 PM by Arthur McMurtry Jr

Certainly no surprise here. When there is something to be done for someone, you can count on Memphians and when you add a McMurtry to the equation, well, there is a wnning combination

5/21/2016 at 10:28 AM by ana


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